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Abstract: At the remote secret Site Y, the burgeoning effort to create atomic weaponry was employing a growing workforce that ultimately reached 7, Employing the sparse NM population caused recruiters to search NM towns further and further afield. Fourteen young women in Las Vegas, NM, applied and fourteen were hired.

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At least 5 of them stayed on after the war to become strong contributors to the growth and vitality of Los Alamos today. Georgia Strickfaden had the privilege of interviewing them to learn their diverse and fascinating stories of coming here.

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A brief stint as a public liaison with LANL for interviewees and their families convinced Georgia that she needed to be in a van showing all visitors to Los Alamos around, and telling the Los Alamos story. Her passion is still history and tourism. Log in Log in with Facebook Log in with Google.


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Field Trips. STEM Grant. When 12 Mar Photo from the Atomic City Tours website. That's Georgia in the van.

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Exploring Mars With Perseverance and Ingenuity. Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software.

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